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Cancellation Rules

Cancellation rules for everyday and holidays packages


According to Resolution No. 161 of Embratur, cancellation and booking value of returns is as follows: 90% up to 31 days from the start of hosting; 80% 21-30 days before hosting; and 0% to less than 20 days of lodging.

Non-attendance on the date scheduled for the check-in will be considered "NO SHOW", the apartment will remain blocked until next time check-in (12pm). After this period the rest of the reservation will be canceled and no refund of the deposit.

The withdrawal of stay on arrival or after entry into the hostel, as well as the early departure for any reason, regardless of the number of days actually used, will not give right to any refund of the amount paid, resulting in total loss of the amount paid by the package.

The balance paid may also be turned into reserves for another period, DEPENDING ON THE AVAILABILITY, considering rates of each season, provided it is not in the period from 21 December to 30 April and events packages and holidays. The term RESERVE TRANSFER IS NO MORE THAN 30 DAYS.


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